These tunics are hand-woven by women from the "community of the word of water" of the Mexican state of Guerrero.  By selling them, we support this community and the cost of these products consist only of the fair purchase price and the cost of importing them.


These products come from the women from the "community of words of water" from Guerrero in Mexico. Our co-worker Ave grew up here and continues to support local women in economic self-sufficiency and emancipation.

She sells local women's products in Mexico City at a fair price that matches the real work of several weeks of these hand-woven products. It prevents city buyers from coming to the village, who use the socially weak situation of local women and buy goods from weavers at an inferior price in need.

Ave and her husband continue to promote local emancipation through radio broadcasting, which informs locals of what's happening outside their valley.

And they also support a fair farm to produce organic cocoa and its products.

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