We offer several ways of transportation and payment within the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and other countries. Please, select the best way for you based on the following information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


We use the PPL (DHL), Czech post, or Zasilkovna delivery service to deliver the goods.

You can choose whether you will receive the parcel directly to your hands (you have to be present at the given address on the delivery day), or at the office of Czech post (the parcel can wait there for you up to 2 weeks) or delivery place of Zasilkovna (usually the parcel will wait one week).

Therefore, please state in your order the proper address! Also, indicate the number of the mobile or fixed phone you are available so that the transport company can contact you. We do not record any of the e-shop customers' phone numbers in any way and we do not use them for any promotional or other purposes.

PPL transport

PPL transport has the advantage that you receive the package directly in your hands and you can arrange with the carrier the exact hour of delivery according to your time. You can track your shipment on the PPL website

The fee for transport with PPL is 95 CZK. The cash on delivery with PPL costs 50 CZK.

Transport by Czech Post

You can also choose the transport and delivery through the Czech Post. The parcel will be delivered to your local post office. The advantage is that you can pick up your mail at your local post office when you have time.

Transport via Czech Post costs CZK 95. The cash on delivery with Czech Post costs CZK 50.


You can choose this cheapest means of delivery and pick up your parcel at one of the points of Zasilkovna in the Czech Republic or Slovak Republic. See the list at

Personal pick-up

You can pick up and pay by the bank card at personal meetings we regularly hold and where you can view and buy goods. At the same time, we offer the opportunity for customers from Prague (or the Central Bohemian Region) to pick up and pay the goods at hand. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance.


We will be glad to send you selected goods even abroad!

Slovak Republic

We recommend delivery to Slovak Republic with Zasielkovna. It is the cheapest means of transport to SK. The cost is 95 CZK.

Other countries

Your order will be settled on an individual basis so that we can find the best and cheapest way of transporting your chosen goods according to your country.

The transport price for different zones within the European Union very much differs, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

We recommend that you make a payment by bank transfer to our EUR bank account due to high cash on delivery fee.

If you want the goods to be sent abroad, please contact us on the email or through the contact form and we will try to arrange for the best option for you.

Thank you!


Upon delivery

You can pay to the transport company PPL or Czech Post upon delivery of your parcel either by cash or by credit card. The cash on delivery costs 40 CZK.


For non-cash payment, you can use a bank transfer on the Czech or EUR bank account.

CZK: 2000864131 / 2010

EUR: 2501616187 / 2010

IBAN: CZ6120100000002501616187


After selecting your goods in the eshop, you will receive an order which is a proof of a contractual relationship between the seller and the buyer. Then, you will obtain an invoice with the payment and delivery conditions. Upon receipt of the payment,  your goods will be sent to your address in 3 working days.

In person

You can also pay in person with your credit card at personal meetings that we regularly hold and where you can see and also buy the products. At the same time, we offer the opportunity for customers from Prague (or the Central Bohemian Region) to pick up and pay the goods at hand.

It is necessary to discuss this possibility over the phone first.