We offer Mexican rebozos from 100% cotton, which we import mainly from weavers from Mexican Oaxaca.

We cooperate with weavers we know personally and we know the quality of their work. We also support weavers who need help selling their products. Or a community of women for whom fair-value selling is important for everyday life. More about individual weavers can be found in the section About us.

Our Mexican rebozos are in lengths from 180 cm to 570 cm. They can be used by:
- women as a scarf or for work in women's circles,
- mothers with children and women in pregnancy for tying their belly,
- doulas and midwives working with mothers with rebozo massages.

                       MEXICAN SHORT REBOZOS 


In Colores Mexico, we offer also rebozos for women, i.e. women scarves. In Mexico, all the scarves are called rebozo, un abrazo calido. That means rebozo, a warm hug. Enjoy this abrazo calido from the 100 % natural materials.

                                  WOOL BAGS

These handbags are handmade and dyed with natural colours from plants and herbs. They come from the family of Reyna in Oaxaca in Mexico.

Reyna, along with several generations of the family of old zapotec culture, processes wool and makes woolen handbags, bags, backpacks, tapestries and other small products. The products are largely colored with natural dyes, such as pomegranate, herb called "marush" or "cochinilla", which is a nopal cactus larva. They process natural dyes themselves and create everything by hand. Reyna is a single parent, so the sales of the committees help to feed the entire family. The products of this family are characterized by high quality of processing not only wool but also sewn parts.

Already in the autumn will be added many beautiful products from the workshop of Reyna, which we can now look forward to.


Do you also remember the times when the festive table was really festive and family or friends had time to sit at the common table? Let's take the time together again and make it more pleasant by touching the beautiful natural material behind the work of human hands, not the mass production.

Table cloths are offered in several sizes and colours which will help colour your homes. They are handmade on wooden looms, from 100% natural materials and have nice soft texture and various patterns.

The sizes available are 1,5m, 2m and 2,5m and the width 1,5m. Some of these table cloths are also in size 1m x 1m.


The bed covers are woven on wooden looms in the Oaxaca region in Mexico. It is woven from strong fibers which can resist a long-term daily use and will last for generations. They are made from 100% natural materials.

You can use it for making your bed, as a blanket during the summer or as a bedding on your sofa.

Each pattern adds a unique color and mood to your home, so it also serves as an important decorative element. At different times of the year, it gives the bedroom or living room an atmosphere, it cools down in summer, warms up in winter.