We are Marie (CZ)  and Diane (MEX), two friends and fans of natural textiles, woven products and the value of hand made work which combines the quality and the beauty. During the joint travel to Oaxaca in Spring 2018 we found out the very first day that we have a common passion for the mexican traditional textiles. And thus we sowed a joint seed and intention for this work. Besides the import of the textiles itself, we intend to support and motivate the producers in their hand made work which has ever more sense in the current world of industrial textile production. We appreciate the tradition passed to further generations and which has its place also in our modern houses. We like the colours and sun which enters our homes through the beautiful textile products. We like to cooperate with people who connect skills, quality and heart which is felt in every product they make. We like to cooperate and link and inspire people with similar intentions, even across the continents. We started with the project of Colores Mexico for the joy and we hope to bring it also to you!


We cooperate with small producers from the Oaxaca region in Mexico.

We cooperate with small producers or communities which need help with selling of their goods for the fair prices. We do not put down the prices; the producers and employees get fair price and salary.

Our cooperation is based on the personal contacts. We know in person all the people with whom we cooperate. By giving esteem to their work, we motivate them to further hand made production so that it goes further despite of the pressure of the industrial textile mass production.


Doña Soco and her husband Albert are already several generations of weavers and have two generations of followers. Rebozos that are all over the whole house breath with tremendous energy of manual work and passion for this work, but also great humility. Their house is neighbouring with the archeological zone of ancient Zapotec culture and the energy of this place vibrates through all their house.


Reyna, along with several generations of the family of old zapotec culture, processes wool and makes woolen handbags, bags, backpacks, tapestries and other small products. The products are largely colored with natural dyes, such as pomegranate, herb called "marush" or "cochinilla", which is a nopal cactus larva. They process natural dyes themselves and create everything by hand. Reyna is a single parent, so the sales of the committees help to feed the entire family. The products of this family are characterized by high quality of processing not only wool but also sewn parts.


Griselda and her mother Doňa Gorgoňa follow up in a weaving workshop which is the legacy of their husband and father who passed recently. It is not easy for two women to take a lead of a workshop where there are employed four weavors. They took up also the patterns used whole life by Don Amando and from this variety we pick up to our notion the most beautiful one which we started to call CHIC. They use many other patterns, but also materials such as wool and we are looking forward to explore one by one their beautiful products.


Ave grew up in the community of "women of the word of  water" in Guerrero, Mexico. She continues to in this community and supports local women in economic self-sufficiency and emancipation.

She sells their products in Mexico City at a fair price that matches the real work of several weeks and months of these hand-woven products. It prevents the buyers from the city from coming to the village and buying the goods for inferior price, using the socially weak situation of local women in need.

Ave and her husband continue to promote local emancipation through radio broadcasting, which informs locals of what's happening outside their valley.

And they also support a fair farm to produce organic cocoa and its products.