All the textile come from the Oaxaca region in Mexico. There are used 100% natural materials, woven on the looms.   Each piece is original.


The bed covers are woven on wooden looms in the Oaxaca region in Mexico. It is woven from strong fibers which can resist a long-term daily use and will last for generations. They are made from 100% natural materials.

You can use it for making your bed, as a blanket during the summer or as a bedding on your sofa.

Each pattern adds a unique color and mood to your home, so it also serves as an important decorative element. At different times of the year, it gives the bedroom or living room an atmosphere, it cools down in summer, warms up in winter.

We offer tailoring services and possible adjustments of purchased products to suit your needs and taste.

For example, these bed covers can be tailored without the fringes.

In case you are interested in your original combination of colours or sizes, such product can be ordered directly in Mexico. The delivery will last approximately 2 - 4 months and the price will be for 15% higher.


Giselda and René were our first collaborators when we began exploring the world of hand-woven fabrics in Oaxaca.
From their workshop comes all these beautiful hand-woven blankets.