We are very grateful to Veronika Olivova from Atelier Oliva for support from the beginning of Colores Mexico.

Her photos give life to all of the weavors’ products.

And it is a joy to work with her.

Facebook @atelieroliva


These product photos were taken in a beautiful environment of Rybalka in Prague quarter Vinohrady / Vršovice.

A space for creative expression of your true self and inner peace and meditation.


These woolen products come from the workshop of Reyna.

Reyna, along with several generations of the family of old zapotec culture, processes wool and makes woolen handbags, bags, backpacks, tapestries and other small products. The products are largely colored with natural dyes, such as pomegranate, herb called "marush" or "cochinilla", which is a nopal cactus larva. They process natural dyes themselves and create everything by hand. Reyna is a single parent, so the sales of the committees help to feed the entire family. The products of this family are characterized by high quality of processing not only wool but also sewn parts.